About Shakti Touch

Meet Ayn

My name is Ayn and I embody Shakti, Divine Feminine Power, in the sacred space of Shakti Touch.

Certified in Reiki and Art Therapy, initiated in Tantra, trained in wellness, Amma and Tantric massages, with degrees in Comparative Literature and French Literature, these learning experiences nourish and guide my massage and Reiki itineraries.

The discovery of Tantra has allowed me to connect the dots in the various realms of my personal and professional lives, uniting these passions in my life work and purpose.

Guide, Connector, Healer… I accompany you during the tantric massage, but the journey is yours. There is no imposed or intended destination. Let go and enjoy the trip. Bon voyage!

Love and light,

ayn letters
ayn seaside

Close your eyes. Fall in love. Stay there.

 ~ Rumi

ayn in the sea

Discover Shakti

Shakti is the divine feminine power. She is love in action, pure energy. She moves in waves like the ocean.

During tantric massages and reiki treatments, my body connects in a wave of energy to your body, and the energy and love of Shakti flows through my hands to you. My hands both "speak" and "listen" to your body. I am a channel for healing touch, balancing body, mind and soul.

Flows of well-being. Waves of bliss. Shakti Touch guides you on a journey to your true self through the 5 senses.

Your true nature is blissful. Go inside and you can discover that you already have ecstasy in you.

 ~ Margot Anand

Our Urban Oasis

Push the doors open, cross the threshhold and you are in an oasis of warmth, calm, serenity… well-being. The journey to you, through the 5 senses, begins with the touch of Shakti. Open yourself to the energy of the Goddess.

our urban oasis
ayn at red door
photo by Emmanuel Pampuri


What our clients say.

"Ayn is a talented masseuse with a sure touch. Her approach is centered on listening to you and your body. A gentle, relaxing and generous massage. Get ready for a dose of rejuvenating energy to flow through you. A real gift."